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VITAL FITNESS Health is more than just fitness; it's a sense of complete wellness involving mind,
body, and spirit.
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  Vital Fitness

At Vital Fitness we want all of our members to feel comfortable and welcomed while working out. We ask that members wear loose fitting shirts with sleeves and shorts that come at least 2 inches below the gluteus fold.



Our Patients and clients deserve an atmosphere that is conducive to health and well-being. We ask that you return all equipment to their proper location and wipe down equipment after you have used it. Vital Fitness reserves the right to take action, as it deems appropriate in handling disrespectful or disturbing behavior. To accommodate our patients, they will be given first priority on club equipment.


For full list of companies and groups that qualify for group discounts, please talk with the front desk.


By providing a full continuum of services, we are able to promote a lifetime of health and fitness. Our friendly fitness and medical specialists can help you reach your health and fitness goals. Vital fitness is more than just a fitness center. Through Stellar Health Care, Inc., Vital Fitness has a partnership with Preferred Choice Chiropractic, P.A. and Phenomenal Rehabilitation, which allows us to provide a level of expertise that a normal fitness center cannot offer.

Preferred Choice Chiropractic
  Howard Lake: 320-543-1103
• Little Falls: 320-631-1103
• St. Michael: 763-497-1152
• Plymouth: 952-476-1103
Phenomenal Rehabilitation
  Howard Lake: 320-543-1104
• Little Falls: 320-631-1104
• St. Michael: 763-497-1153
• Plymouth: 952-476-0224
• Dassel: 320-275-1304
Vital Fitness
  Howard Lake: 320-543-3311

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