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Preferred Choice Chiropractic Phenomenal rehabilitation Vital Fitness
Preferred Choice Chiropractic
Committed to relieving your pain and restoring you to good health and wellness.
Phenomenal Rehabilitation
Our professional staff is dedicated
to your health and treatment program.
Vital Fitness
Health is more than just fitness; it's a sense of complete wellness involving mind, body, and spirit.
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Stellar Health Center. A Partner for Good Health.
Stellar Health Centers offer an integrated approach to managing your health care. Our focus is on compassion, caring and treating you as a whole person. We believe in taking time to get to know you as an individual. Only then can we find the cause of your symptoms and start the healing process. Our effective health care approach is based on a partnership and open communication between our providers and you. Our health and wellness professionals are driven by our mission to provide care that puts you first. All we do, from the first time we greet you, to the kindness you'll feel in the providers touch, is meant for one purpose: getting you well and keeping you there.

Our integrated approach allows us to establish the most innovative and best equipped health centers. Our state-of-the-art equipment and large array of medical experts combine to allow us to deliver a level of health care that is second to none. Communication and hands-on interaction with you is the basis of our success. We believe that you should have a leadership role in your health care treatment.

Our goals include making a significant impact and real difference in your health, to treat the cause of any pain or symptoms you may have, and become your resource for good health, now and long after your treatment is over.


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Preferred Choice Chiropractic
  Howard Lake: 320-543-1103
• Little Falls: 320-631-1103
• St. Michael: 763-497-1152
• Dassel: 320-275-0103
   Plymouth: 763-710-4636
Phenomenal Rehabilitation
  Howard Lake: 320-543-1104
• Little Falls: 320-631-1104
• St. Michael: 763-497-1153
• Plymouth: 763-710-4637
• Dassel: 320-275-1304
Vital Fitness
  Howard Lake: 320-543-3311

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